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March October 29th 2016

After meeting the Police recently on site it was great news to hear that they will work with us to cater for as many people as possible on the hospital site in anticipation of a large turnout.

March Start

The event will kick off after a brief welcome and safety speech outside The Guildhall on St Peters Hill green.  A signal will be given for the march to start at approximately 11:05am.

March Route

We will go down the High Street and turn right at the end of Watergate onto Manthorpe Road. From here we will walk up to the hospital. The road will be closed off for us.

It is very important to minimise road closure time and for safety that people start walking only when the signal is given.

When we get to the hospital site we will have a stall centrally located outside the old hospital building and people will be able to filter right across the front of the hospital site supported by our marshall volunteers and the Police.
Guest Speakers will stand on a mound behind the stall.
Anyone with merchandise or wanting to sign our petition may use the stall.

IMPORTANT: The hospital car park surface is broken and pitted in places so please take care.

First Aid support

This will comprise of 6 responders and a stand by ambulance who are appropriately insured and trained to handle incidents in a crowd environment. It is important that our community protest is as safe as can be, especially given the number children and potentially high number of people with medical conditions likely to be joining the march.

A megaphone has kindly been offered by UNISON who are joining us from Nottingham. The megaphone is portable and does not require an external power supply. It can be used throughout the march.


Thank Yous

Thank You to everyone who has done such marvellous job promoting the event especially Grantham Journal, Grantham Matters, Print Bureau and Fighting4 members.

Thanks to everyone who has agreed to be a Guest Speaker. including:-
Cllr Ray Wootten, Nick Boles MP, Jody Clark, – Fighting4GranthamHospital, Jayne Dawson.

Thanks to officers at Grantham Police Station and Paul Stokes South Kesteven District Council

Special thanks to all the wonderful people working in our hospitals and across the hospital trust and EMAS upon who we all depend.

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