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SOSGH Request Clarity of Rumours of A&E Re-opening

SOS Grantham Hospital SOSGH Request Clarity of Rumours of A&E Re-opening from the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT) and Lincolnshire Health Action Committee (LHAC) Allan Kitt calling for clarity over the re-opening of Grantham Hospital A&E.

Chair Cllr Charmaine Morgan is particularly concerned at the perception Grantham Hospital A&E may be reopening as it was prior to closure.

Feedback from health professionals and from a discussion Cllr Morgan had with Allan Kitt last Thursday indicate that the role played by Grantham A&E unit is being revisited with important ‘admissions criteria’ currently under review.

ULHT and SWLincs Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) had not realised the scope of work being done in Grantham A&E before closure. Current admissions criteria include patients in need of resuscitation and stabilisation. In addition to those with fractures of limbs, this covers a wide range of emergency medical conditions including heart failure, severe allergies, severe infections i.e. sepsis, asthmatic attacks, substance misuse – accidental and suicides.

Cllr Morgan told Allan Kitt it is vital Grantham retains staff adequately skilled, staff who are able to administer resuscitation and stabilisation locally, or lives are at risk. The distances to alternative A&E units are simply too great.

Cllr Morgan said, “Given current indications it is not yet clear what services are to be provided or for what duration. LCC Health Scrutiny called for the unit to be re-opened with the services available prior to closure.

ULHT and SWLincs CCG must listen to us all. We need this service.

If they downgrade the admissions criteria it could not only affect critically ill people but elderly people with complex illnesses who relapse and may be required to travel to Lincoln for assessment, even if they are subsequently moved back to Grantham.

Depending on the outcome we could end up with an A&E by name only. We must continue to campaign and keep the pressure up. It is concerning admissions criteria for the re-opening are being discussed at all given rising local need and historic demand. 4400 A&E ambulances alone used Grantham last year. There are many potential options and potential ramifications that may not only affect our A&E but viability of other services at Grantham Hospital.”

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